Ozone Therapy

For Gum and Dental treatments

Is painless, effective, safe dental treatment possible?

Surprising but there are right ways to carry out teeth and gum treatments that make it as pleasant as possible for you. 
If you suffer from any of the following problems: pain or discomfort, chewing difficulties, speaking difficulties or feeling that people distance themselves because of bad breath insecurity about your smile. 

This is the time to find effective, reliable dental treatment for your teeth and gums.

What are the three things a dental clinic needs to do to ensure a successful and painless course of treatment? 

Using the most modern equipment and up to date technology to ensure a precise diagnosis.

Setting up a dental health and healing process for the teeth, guns, tissues and bones in the oral cavity. 

Using ozone therapy for the deep cleaning and disinfecting of the mouth.

What Is Ozone and how can it assist in gum therapy?

Ozone is a gas made up of three atoms of oxygen (O3). It can be used to treat medical conditions by stimulating the immune system. It can also be used to disinfect and treat gum disease.
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A dental filling can just fill a hole or, if it’s done properly, it can contribute to the biological/natural healing process of the tooth; alleviating pain, reducing infection and creating a more aesthetic, attractive appearance.

By using ozone therapy in the cleaning (irrigating?)of the cavity area, the oxygen penetrates the tooth and is effective against bacteria and virus infection and contributes to a better healing process of the tooth from inside as well as out. Thus, the filling procedure evolves into a deeper, more beneficial treatment safeguarding the teeth for many years to come.

When teeth do not look healthy and one is embarrassed to the point of hiding a smile because they are insecure about their teeth, it erodes self-confidence, the ability to make friends, to speak in public and even to get the job of your dreams. When one wants to undergo treatment to approve one’s appearance it is important to understand which are the smartest and most effective procedures for the long-term, guaranteed to instill a more positive self-image; confident that there will no longer be an unpleasant situation where a piece of tooth or a veneer fall out in public.  
Ozone therapy is used in aesthetic dentistry to help improve one’s smile and protect the tooth. It also heals and strengthens the tooth from within.

Just because you have a toothache doesn’t mean you need a root canal. There is the right way; a smarter and more effective approach to eradicating inflammation of the root of the tooth and the need for root canal surgery.

How is it done? We combine ozone treatment with a disinfecting process that promotes the healing of the interior of the tooth; a calcium enriched mixture that triggers deep healing inside the tooth and the bone tissue and gums surrounding the tooth.

Have you already lost some teeth and experience eating difficulties? Crowns, bridges, dentures and implants are all excellent, proven ways to return to full dental functioning, to a younger look and feel.

What is included in the treatment:

  • The treatment is carried out by highest caliber of professionals conforming to international standards.
  • A personal diagnosis assesses the risk and complications in rehabilitating the patient’s mouth.
  • Centralizing the treatment with one dental professional who accompanies the patient from start to finish.
  • A digital blueprint of the plan to rehabilitate the mouth.
  • A photograph of how the new smile will look that is presented to the patient who then gets an idea of the projected outcome of the treatment.
  • A personal consult, examination and integrated oral health plan.

Our dentists and dental practitioners are professionals of the highest standard who are committed to giving you exceptional care and treatment in order to achieve optimum results.

Extracting a tooth correctly can prevent a lot of complications. It can preserve the integrity of the tooth; the height of the bone and help heal the surrounding tissue and gums.

How is this done? An experienced medical team treats the problem in a way that will result in the least possible bone loss after the extraction and the maximum restorative care to the bone. Prior to the extractions, the team assesses if there are pre-op procedures that will help the bone heal on its own.

Our clinic’s professional, skilled team is committed to helping you achieve the exceptional results you deserve

There are two ways to restore the gums to health: rehabilitating them or surgery. It is useful to understand that when a focused, effective treatment to restore the gums to health is carried out – 80% of the cases do not require periodontal surgery.

How is this done?

  • Comprehensive examination and treatment program suited to the needs of the patient
  • The application of a natural-based formula that strengthens and heals the gums
  • The rehabilitation of the gums using ozone therapy for the deep healing of the gum tissues and the bone

The medical approach we take adheres firmly to the belief that all avenues available must be considered in the effort to rehabilitate the gums without surgery. Even in difficult cases of gum disease it is possible and preferable to find an effective healing method that may even clear up the problem completely without operating (as has occurred in some 80% of our cases).
Top dental professionals carry out the periodontal care and treatment. Our team has a wide-range of experience in diagnosing the problems and the factors that are causing them. A treatment plan from start to finish is tailored to the patient’s needs with the goals of eradicating the disease and rehabilitating the gums.

In cases where gum surgery is necessary, there is a treatment proven more effective in the long run. This approach begins with improving the health of the gums and only then scheduling surgery. The process focuses on eliminating those factors that contribute to gum disease; strengthening and restoring as much of the surrounding gum tissue as possible without surgery. Research shows that the healthier gums are prior to the surgery, the quicker the healing process afterwards. The outcome of the procedure will have longer lasting results as well

Our personal approach to dental health assures the patient of painless implant surgery.
How is this done?

  1. Using digital blueprints to map out the procedure
  2. Starting biological rehabilitation of the bone and gums in preparation for the implant surgery
  3. Applying ozone to disinfect and irrigate the area of the implant

The method for rehabilitating and strengthening surrounding gum tissue includes:

  • A comprehensive examination and personalized treatment plan
  • Creating a personalized herbal formula applied to strengthen and heal the gums
  • A treatment to restore periodontal health by applying ozone therapy for the deep healing of the surrounding gum tissue and bone
  • The involvement of a periodontal surgeon in the treatment.

Our clinic’s dental team includes highly trained experts in the fields of implant surgery and maintenance. They are particularly experienced in the building of a comprehensive treatment and care plan from start to finish of the dental implant process.

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