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Dr. Sarit Avraham, has established a pro bono dental counseling and guidance center for those suffering from oral, dental and gum problems at this time.

This is a free service intended to help those seeking relief from suffering and to prevent unnecessary treatment for pain and problems.
The non-profit consulting service is open to people in Israel and around the world.

Dr. Avraham created this project inspired by the Biblical vision of “The world of grace will be built.” (Psalms 89:3), also in the field of dentistry.

The consulting center provides a full range of oral health advice from experts in Israel and around the world ranging from dental and gum problems to TMJ.

Send us your question now including as much information as possible. Dr. Sarit will review your information and reply as soon as possible.

Everyone is entitled to benefit from an objective medical consultation

The goals of the dental health counseling center are:

To help you get a comprehensive medical answer that will contribute to relief and healing of the mouth, teeth and gums

Advice and assistance in avoiding invasive dental treatments and surgical procedures

Advice and assistance in preventing root canals, extractions, implants and periodontal (gum) surgery

Advice for parents on child and adolescent care that can prevent problems in the old age

Advice for older people who are suffering from complex dental problems

Are you still searching for the right solution for your mouth, teeth and gum problems?

You no longer need to deal with it alone, just send us a detailed information about the issue that bothers you
and you will receive personal advice and guidance from Dr. Sarit Avraham (free of charge)


Hundreds of people a day

connect to the Facebook group and receive Personal reply to their questions

Connections to leading

international dental experts.

Our center is handling between 10-18 inquiries a day.

Each inquiry receives a personal consultation and guidance from Dr. Sarit Avraham.

Please include x-rays or dental photos:

Leave us your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

שלח לנו את השאלה האישית שלך ונחזור אליך בהקדם!

שירות הניתן ללא עלות וללא מטרות רווח (מענה יינתן תוך 1-7 ימים).

“אנחנו מאמינים שלכל אחד מגיע לקבל תשובה!”

השאירו פרטים ונחזור אליכם בהקדם​